Potato Granules and Potato Flakes manufacturer

Solan Investment Sp. z o.o. has been manufacturing dehydrated mashed potatoes for over 80 years. Having that many years of experience in potato processing industry the company offers products of the highest quality which are carefully tailored to customers' requirements. To guarantee products of the highest quality and professional service Solan Investment Sp. z o.o. complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 norms and HACCP procedures.

Potato Granules, Potato Flakes and Instant Mashed Potatoes with and without seasonings manufactured by Solan Investment Sp. z o.o. are typical of their genuine strong potato flavour which comes from carefully selected, GMO free raw material varieties grown in the natural and healthy environment of the Polish country. Thanks to those qualities of Solan's products the company finds a very wide group of customers around the world.

Solan Investment Sp. z o.o. is located in Głowno, 110 km southwest of Warsaw. Convenient localization in the centre of Europe allows for quick and efficient delivery to the domestic customers as well as the buyers in Western, Central and Eastern Europe. Proximity of the Baltic ports permits the cost effective deliveries to numerous customers operating on all continents.

Production at Solan Investment Sp. z o.o. is run in accordance with the strictest international health and safety regulations for food processing and with use of modern and environmentally friendly technology. Dehydrated mashed potatoes are manufactured from carefully selected potato varieties grown and harvested under strict agricultural supervision and then stored and protected in modern storage facilities. Production process of Potato Granules and Potato Flakes involves washing, pealing, trimming, cooking, drying, conditioning and screening. The final product is then enriched with seasonings as required and packed according to the clients' needs.

Corporate Mission Statement
"To deliver high quality products
that meet all requirements of clients,
on time and at the attractive prices."

Solan's Mission is reflected in the company's long-term strategic planning as well as in the everyday operational activities of its employees. Such approach guarantees that clients of Solan Investment Sp. z o.o. always receive the goods of high quality at attractive prices.

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